Youtube Channel and Video Optimization

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  • Setup your YouTube channel correctly.
  • Customize your YouTube banner and thumbnail.
  • Customize YouTube channel appearance and brand.
  • Optimize your Channel Info and Settings. Make sure you have the right keywords and Title, Description, and Tags optimized for best search engine performance.
  • Change your Tab and Channel Style. Switch from Default Tab to Feature Tab. Blogger style is recommended especially if you’re uploading regular videos.
  • Add a Feature Video. Preferably, set your latest video or your most popular video to be featured.
  • Learn how to be a popular Content Provider – this is key and can make you one of YouTube’s favorite users. The key is consistent content going up weekly. YouTube sees this and gives you better positioning.
  • SEO optimize videos.
  • Custom Thumbnails to bring more click though.
  • Subscribe icon to appear on all videos on or off YouTube.
  • Keyword research for optimal PPC videos
  • Social Syndication Increase Your Social Footprint

Social Syndication is a GAME CHANGER. Don’t be left behind.How would you like to finally have your content go VIRAL while giving you thousands of Do Follow* backlinks? To have your content SHARED by hundreds of REAL USERS on 51 top social networking sites… Watch your leads, email list and ranking SKYROCKET!

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Package 1


1. Help create a great channel trailer for you.

As soon as visitors land on your page, you want to hook them. A channel trailer is a great way to do it. You’ll want something brief, attention-grabbing and representative of the kind of content you post. not telling people what you do — we show them.

2. Optimizing your channel name and description.

Remember that your channel name and description won’t just appear on your homepage. Your channel will appear in searches and suggested channel categories across YouTube, so we make sure it’s appealing. Note that your channel name isn’t the same as your URL; you can change the former without affecting the latter. You’ll need a description that highlights your most important content right up front.

3. Make the right icon.

The key here is to select something that will look good at very small resolutions. It’s not like choosing your Facebook or Twitter profile photo; first of all, this is about branding. Your friends/clients don’t care that much if your photo is recognizable, or if it’s even of you. But in the age of short attention spans, this tiny piece of real estate is your best bet for pulling viewers to your channel page.

4. Make beautiful channel art.

Again, it’s important to consider where your content will be seen other than your channel page. Or in this case, how it will be seen. You’ll have viewers on desktops, tablets, laptops, phones, televisions and whatever new format comes out next week. That means we will optimize your image to look great on every platform.

5. Setup syndication

We will help you setup your channel so when you upload a video then post it on your wordpress it will automatically post to other Social Media sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WordPress and more

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Package 2

Package 2, is the optimization of your youtube videos – this would depend on how many videos you have for us to optimize,

Approximately $17 each Video, includes SEO and Custom Thumbnail – Minimum 5 Video

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