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YOUTUBE LIKES Starting at $5 (minimum quantity of 25)

That’s only 20 cents all the way down to 9 cents per like. That’s up to 55% off the more you buy!

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***You’ve seen those YouTubers who have hundreds and thousands of likes on their videos, correct?  Ever wish you were one of them?  Well now you can be!  You can buy likes just like they do.  There’s no magical formula.  They’re no more well-known than you are, they just buy what they need.

  • 25 = $5

  • 50+ = 10% off

  • 100+ = 20% off

  • 300+ = 25% off

  • 500+ = 30% off

  • 1000+ = 55% off

Do you think Lady Gaga really got all those VIEWS and SHARES on her videos and PAGE LIKES on her Facebook page and PLAYS back in the days of Myspace at the start of her career ALL ON HER OWN?  No, she paid for them.   And for that matter, SO did the FIRST LADY.  We know for a fact that she paid for her first million Twitter followers.  And ya know what?  It worked, didn’t it?  You can do it too.  They weren’t special, they didn’t attract those numbers on their own.  They paid for them until they had so many, that others hopped on board the train.


Additionally, with a YouTube Economy, Standard, or Pro Combo Package, you may even be able to combine views, likes and shares all at the same time.  A simultaneous increase is important because you do not want to buy 10,000 YouTube views but have ZERO likes on the video. Likes and Shares along with Views will help increase your ranking so you can reach your real customers or fans, plus make your pages look active and popular for the people who follow like sheep and only like the things that everyone else likes.

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1000 – $8, 3000 – $24, 5000 – $35, 10,000 – $65, 25,000 – $99, 50,000 – $169