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  • Social Syndication System Options:

What is Social Syndication?

Social Media sharing

Your links will get shared on the top 50 major social networks & bookmarking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, Linkedin, Live Journal, WordPress, Google+, Stumbleupon, Folkd, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Delicious etc. by hundreds of people that are willing to share your link to there friends. There’s a good chance Google plus other search engines will index your site(s) and other links i.e. Facebook, Youtube Videos, and see them as “only” using authority prime backlinks.  That will give you a big boost!  How this works:

1.  We submit your content.

2.  Hundreds of people share your content to up to 51 of their social profiles (there is no way of guaranteeing which sites they will share your content on, which is better for you actually.  It looks more organic to Google when it’s random.  Search engines index pages according to “their” specific criterion.  Now that Google has rolled out Penguin – Google, Youtube, and now even Facebook consider social networking site shares as one of their highest ranking criteria (because it means people are talking about it.)

3. 100% active “Real People” accounts with unique IP’s who have agreed to share on their profiles because this benefits them in the system.  It’s a great way to promote & advertise, NO BOTS means it’s 100% safe.)

4.  We always switch users/people around.  It won’t be the same people sharing your link all the time.  The users are fresh each time you order multiple campaigns.

5.  No porn or vulgar language.

***At the end of every campaign you will receive a full report like the photos above in which you will be able to see every person that syndicated you and the social network sites they shared you on!  30-day campaigns can provide more frequent reports.

SYSTEM ONE LINK – 1×1200 plus – Social Syndication:

24H will promote ONE link that will get syndicated and then shared on the top 50 major social networks by real people at least 1200+ times $69 [nicepaypal type=”cart” name=”1 links Social Syndication” amount=”69″]


SYSTEM TWO LINKS – 2×1200 plus – Social Syndication:

24H will promote TWO links that will get syndicated and then shared on the top 50 major social networks by real people at least 800+ times  $99 [nicepaypal type=”cart” name=”2 links Social Syndication” amount=”99″]

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