AMRT Process Uses Proprietary Technology

AMRT Process Uses Proprietary Technology

—Basic process patent granted in UK:

◦UK Patent GB 2430276B “Control System for an Arc Furnace” granted September 16, 2009 runs to 9/19/2025

◦Protected in over 30 other countries

◦Additional patent issued for treatment of bauxite residue (“Red Mud”) used in successful demonstration funded by the European Commission

—Patented WT Process Technology is based on:

◦A proprietary thermo-dynamic model which produces an accurate mass and energy model to predict how the process should be applied

◦Proprietary software implemented in a digital programmable logic controller (‘PLC’) used to control the operation of the furnace

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A Breakthrough for the Aluminium Industry

A Breakthrough for the Aluminium Industry

Advanced Mineral Recovery Technologies - PresentationEconomical Disposal of Red Mud into Cast Iron and Mineral Wool Insulation

The AMRT Technology and Process

—The AMRT Mineral Recovery Process utilizes a patented electric arc furnace/smelter technology uniquely suited to profitably solve environmental and sustainability problems in the metals industries in the new century.

—The Process

◦Efficiently extracts valuable metals from a wide variety of feedstocks

◦Addresses significant toxic waste problems, turning liabilities into profit-making assets

◦Has low breakeven points (furnace size & commodity price)

◦Can directly process “fines” and other problematic materials without intermediate steps

◦Ideally suited for local empowerment

◦Energy efficient

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