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Get your product to the first few pages of Google and other top search engines with our ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING TECHNIQUE . Google’s search and indexing algorithms continue to evolve.  Google has now given over more and more of its search results to a blended combination search result – displaying images, videos, blogs, and social media sites towards the top of the first page and thereby pushing down the page traditional websites that would have otherwise competed for top rankings.

Our video SEO campaigns combined with all the other media that we utilize (i.e. blogs, podcasts, bookmarking sites and social media sites) will make sure that:
  • Google finds your video content
  • Google successfully indexes your video media content
  • Google will display your video content when specific keywords are entered as search terms

Video, image, blogs, and social media sites that have search engine optimization (SEO) content are 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking.
Those little images you see on search results pages are video thumbnails, and today, achieving those are considered gold mines in marketing.

More and more people are watching “How To” and promotional to videos instead of reading articles.  It’s faster and they can have the video playing while they’re working on something else.

Here’s how we make it work and what we need from you:
We will need your Video Content:
You can use real video footage, screen captures, slide shows, PowerPoint slides, they all work fine. Google relies on the title, meta tags other meta-data to determine what content your video contains.

Google utilizes web crawlers and Spiders to index the web content. Search Engine Spiders hit videos, podcasts, blogs, bookmarking & social networking sites about every 2 hours. Videos, podcasts, blogs, bookmarking & social networking sites rise to the top of searches faster than any other sites.

If you have a new site or new product and your landing page or website is not optimized with the right search terms and you have a low page ranking, your site will never get to the top of search results.  We can get around that for you using media sites that already have great page ranking, using clever keyphrase tactics.

We will help find you the best keyphrases for your product to insure top page ranking for your links and media.

Each campaign can use up to 6 keyphrases – using 3-4 words in each keyphrase which in turn will additionally give you multiple derivative keyphrases.

Viral Video Promotion and Video Marketing SEO Campaigns Examples:

The Report

The Report


We direct all the links to your own website, YouTube page or landing page, bringing your page up the search engine ranking charts with high ranking backlinks as well. This results in search engine optimization for your own website.
As soon as the campaign goes live, it is possible to start seeing yourself on the first couple of pages of Google, MSN, or Yahoo, etc. in 4-12 hrs and within 48-72 hrs. it should be going strong.

We get your media up on all of the following sites:


Youtube Digg Linkedin Bloghi Iconpoint
Break Dizzed Myspace Livejournal Jumptags
Dailymotion Kirtsy Plurk Multiply Linkagogo
Edaumsworld Reddit Twitter Myspace blog Oneview
Gather Stumbleupon Break Images Typepad Oyax
Hotshare Bloglines Flickr WordPress Qaafe
iViewtube Feedage Flixya Xanga Social-bookmarking
Kewego Feedcat Imageshack Yahoo Tugatop
Megacafe Feedshow Ugoto Bluralicious Url
Multiply Friendfeed Graspr Bookmark4you Weblinkr
Rupid Rssmountain Howcast Buddymarks Ccom
Stupidvideos Facebook Mindbite Bukmark childrenonsugar
Ugoto Friendfeed Thatshow Diigo review online
Vlogg identica Faves spaceplays
Veoh Jaiku Blogger Folkd Review online
Geyser Me Jetsetsound blog Blast off Blog The Tommy Report The daily review
EZ Freedom Jetsetindie Mag
  • All the top Video Websites
  • All the top Podcast Sites
  • All the top Social Bookmarking Sites
  • All the top Social Networks
  • All the top Twitter-type sites
  • All the blogs in our network
  • Tons of podcast directories
  • We optimize all of your videos & text, re-formatting your video to make it podcast-ready for best search results.
  • We blast it out to all the sites in our network.Then we go back and notify all the podcast directories and social bookmarking sites that your media exists.
Quick Fix Campaigns:

#1 Run the campaign one time with 6 keyphrases. You will achieve your 6 original keyphrases along with all of the derivative keyphrases (different combinations of the words.) $199 Now $79


#2 – Repeat the same campaign twice and we will re-format and re-upload your media so that you now will achieve 12 main keyphrases and double the the derivative keyphrases. $259 Now $129



A Viral Video 3-pack campaign is a combination of 3 of our campaigns:

# 1 – SEO “Search Engine optimization” Video
One of the best ways to achieve many front page listings on Google in just a matter of days by getting your media SEO optimized and up on over 80 of the top media site on the web today. As explained above
# 2 – 5,000 Worldwide YouTube Views
Sent directly to the YouTube video you are promoting on your own channel. We will help you with optimizing the SEO and getting placement of your video in the blogs to increase the backlinks of your main video & help with its ranking.
# 3 – 100 YouTube Comments, Favorites, Ratings & Subscribers
Sent directly to the YouTube video you are promoting to kickstart the buzz of your video and increase activity on your page, also helping bring you up the YouTube charts and searches.
#4 – Article Submission Service linking to your youtube video and website to give them even more powerful back-links driving them up the ranking. see Article Submission Service here:

This combination of 4 power-packed campaigns, correctly optimized, will set you on the course to getting your video to go Viral on the web by increasing your visibility.


Get the 4-pack campaign for – Was $349 Now $269

[nicepaypal type=”cart” name=”VIRAL VIDEO – SEO” tax_rate=”0.00″ option1=”dropprice2;Promotion;VIRAL VIDEO – SEO;VIRAL VIDEO – SEO #1 – $79:79.00;VIRAL VIDEO – SEO;VIRAL VIDEO – SEO #2 Two pack – $129:129.00;VIRAL VIDEO – SEO;VIRAL VIDEO – SEO #3 The 4-Pack with Article Submission  – $269:269.00″]

Custom Campaigns:

  • Get your media on top of google.
  • Promote to Facebook.
  • Get your Subscribers up on Youtube
  • help with SEO of you website or blog
  • Build you a landing page or whole website
  • get your twitter, facebook and Youtube pages up and going strong.

And much much more, But this will take a e-mail or phone call 😉

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